Angelo Chan (Cambridge University), Gabriel Nasser (Harvard Business School)

Angelo Chan

Angelo specializes in structuring and execution of complex financing transactions, including those backed by alternative assets.  He was previously a director in charge of structured equity finance for Latin America at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  Prior to Merrill Lynch and for a period spanning seven years, he worked at Barclays in London and New York as a member of the Structured Capital Markets Group, and subsequently at C12 Capital Management LLP, where he served as director of the hedge fund manager spun off from Barclays in 2009.

Angelo obtained his MA and MSci from Cambridge University, England, where he graduated as the top Theoretical Chemist with first class honors.  In 2014, he completed the MA in Art Business program at the Sotheby’s Institute in New York, where wrote a master's thesis titled Art as Collateral:  Seeking Returns from Lending vs. Owning.

Angelo was born in Hong Kong and is fluent in Cantonese.

Gabriel Nasser

Gabriel specializes in technology platforms for tracking high value assets.  He began his career as a senior systems engineer at Auripay, a startup with particular focus on issuing single-use credit card numbers to protect consumers while shopping online.  Auripay is now part of EMC (NYSE:EMC), through a series of acquisitions.  He then joined OATSystems, a pioneering startup in the RFID tracking space, as a founding team member and subsequently served in multiple roles.  OATSystems was acquired by Checkpoint (NYSE:CKP) in 2008.  He is currently the CEO of TJS, the first and largest provider of RFID-based collateral monitoring for lenders to the jewelry industry, and has helped finance over USD 1.2 billion of inventory to date.

Gabriel graduated magna cum laude from Boston University, where he earned his BA and MA in Computer Science. He is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School.